Am I Dreaming?

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sun Feb 18 03:05:19 EST 2018

Who is "Richomnd"?

And, if that is meant to refer to me that's odd as I haven't taken part 
in this posting
until I wrote this.

I had a 'bothersome' patch with the scriptEditor yesterday (Mac OS):
I had edited about 70 similar scripts in similar objects.

Now these scripts have 4 parts:

on mouseDown
on mouseEnter
on mouseLeave
on mouseUp

I edited a line in the 'on mouseEnter' part.

At a later part of the day I had to edit them all again (lovely).
On opening the scripts the 'on mouseEnter' was highlighted in the 
left-hand bit where
the parts are listed, but the actual script-qua-script had scrolled to 
the middle of
the 'on mouseUp' section.


On 17/2/2018 11:57 pm, dunbarx via use-livecode wrote:
> Richomnd.
> Yes and no, that is to say, I think it both does and it doesn't. Some SE
> windows always open at the bottom. Some open where I left off. In other
> words, I am not sure at all.
> I think.
> Craig
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