LiveCode and XCode

Dan Friedman dan at
Sat Feb 17 11:45:17 EST 2018

Release notes for 8.1.9 say you need :

LiveCode 8.1.9
MacOSX 10.12.6
Xcode 9.2

The iOS SDK is selected in “Mobile Support” and the green swatch is green.
“iPhone Simulator 11.2” selected in “Test Target”.

Click “Test” and I get:

Unable to start simulator: 634,0,0,iPhone
Simulator version not found

Release notes for 8.1.9 say I have all the proper requirements in place.  Anyone know which way I am to wave the magic wand to get this to work?

FYI… Xcode 8.3.3 with LC 8.1.5 seems to be working ok.

Many thanks in advance,

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