Text Styles: Expanded, condensed

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at gmail.com
Sat Feb 17 04:02:54 EST 2018

That reference is all about htmlText . . .

Having a look at Revolution Media Build 950 Version 4.0.0 on Mac OS 
10.7.5 . . .

[Not as daft as I look: always a good idea to hang onto old, licensed 

I found this:

set the textStyle of line 1 of field "Main" to condensed

So; like Hank Wangford in search of "the Lonesome Yodel" I climbed onto 
Rosinanti #2 and set forth:

4.5: still there.

7.1.4: gone.

That looks like a deliberate choice.

Mind you, doing this in RR 4.5:

set the textStyle of fld "gg" to condensed

is horrible: it does NOT condense the text at all,
merely  makes things look like something bitmapped from about 1996.

Opening the stack containing a field with condensed text that I authored 
in RR 4.5 in LC 8.1.9
is interesting insofar as:

the text in fld "gg" does NOT look condensed, BUT on doing this in the 
Message Box:

put the textStyle of fld "gg"

I get "condensed" . . .

A bad case of 'The Phantom of the Opera'.

Best, Richmond.

On 17/2/2018 5:41 am, Peter Bogdanoff via use-livecode wrote:
> Did support for the text styles “expanded” and “condensed” disappear at some point from Livecode?
> I see in this that they were added in the misty past:
> http://docs.runrev.com/Property/HTMLText
> They are not in the dictionary now, or Font menu, and setting those with a script doesn’t work.
> I loved using those styles in Hypercard back in the day…
> Peter Bogdanoff
> ArtsInteractive
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