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Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Thu Feb 15 16:35:44 EST 2018

I have problems with mu ISP about once every 4 or 5 months:

It is NEVER their fault: it's because I use Linux, because I use 
FreeDOS, because I use Macintosh,
because I am "stupid" enough not to use Windows; it's because I have 2 
computers within 3 feet of
each other, it's because my hair is orange (OK, OK, I made that one up).

This IS the way the world goes round these days: nobody will accept 
responisibility for their

After loads of "kicking" my ISP generally send someone round to look at 
my cable modem:
these are always men who "go all funny" because they have to ask me how 
to use Firefox or Safari
to get to the "innards" of either my modem or my switch.

One said to me, just before the New Year; "You wouldn't have these 
problems if you used Windows".

Which is palpable 'Bollo': the sneering tone didn't help much.

The bloke tried to wiggle his way out of things even more when my wife 
pointed out
that our 2 Android ARM phones and my Android Intel tablet couldn't pick 
up a wifi
signal either.

Of course the above has got NOTHING to do with LiveCode: heaven forfend 
that anyone
suggest that they are capable of being rude or otherwise . . .


On 15/2/2018 11:15 pm, Mark Wieder via use-livecode wrote:
> On 02/15/2018 09:28 AM, Heather Laine via use-livecode wrote:
>> Did you check your account to see if it was available? The server was 
>> not down last night for more than about 60 seconds (as I well know, 
>> being awake for large portions of it). The message you saw sounds 
>> like the standard could not contact server message, meaning you need 
>> an offline license file. It doesn't mean the server is down. If you 
>> were installing a version older than 6.0 you will always get this 
>> message and always require an offline file. For info on how to do it:
>> <> 
> Thanks for the patronizing tone, Heather.
> "check your account"? The web sites were down for several hours.
> Yes, that message was after online activation didn't work and I then 
> couldn't generate an offline license because *the web sites were down*.
> And this was installing a new copy of 9.0dp11. I finally copied a 
> license file from another machine and put it into place.

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