how to format text for copy-pasting as a spreadsheet table

Paul Hibbert paul at
Wed Feb 14 20:53:23 EST 2018

The best place to start is by analysing the clipBoard data, in this case, copy a small table from Pages and then look at the fullClipBoardData[“html”] in LiveCode to see how the table is represented as html.

You can then use this as a model to build a table in html and place it on the fullClipBoardData[“html”] for pasting into Pages. That’s exactly how I put together the sample posted in the forum.

By doing this I could see that to export a soft return in a cell you would need to use the HTML <p> command in place of the return within the cell.

As far as I can see, importing a table (with returns in a cell) info into LiveCode is much trickier, mainly because LiveCode doesn’t appear to support soft returns within a table cell, so the only way I can see to achieve this would probably involve a more complex workaround where each cell would have to be represented by a field object.

The part I don’t understand is how you would represent or create this data in LiveCode, do you have an example you could share?


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