Getting current line number of a table field.

dunbarx dunbarx at
Wed Feb 14 11:24:25 EST 2018

You know, I have given advice many times to people trying to find the
selected field in a DG. The target  is always of the form, for example,
"field Col 3 0005".

But how does the focussedObject return similar data in a table field? The
fact that is does is marvelous indeed, but I never would have found that,
and if I checked the dictionary, i definitely never would have thought of

A table field, after all, is but a single field, and the focusedObject ought
to return a control reference, not a non existent "cell" gizmo.

At the very least, the dictionary should include this valuable variant of
the property. And the user guide should have it in bold.


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