strange behaviour of standalone builder

hh hh at
Mon Feb 12 09:22:16 EST 2018

Hi Klaus,
the move to "engine" is documented, see specialfolder/engine.

This is the only "logic" way to do that because your "CLI" files are executables.
That is Mac is correct in docu and building the standalone.

The bug is now either the docu for Win/linux or the not-moving on Win/linux.

> Klaus M. wrote:
> Hi friends,
> see subject...
> I have a folder with a command line utility, one for Mac and one for Windows.
> I put this into a folder in -> "specialfolderpath("resources") & "/theCLI"
> adn add it via "Copy files" to my standalone.
> Folder structure
> theCLI (folder)
>   play ## Mac version
>   play.exe
>   an_important.dll
> Now after I built a standalone, Windows worked fine, but nothing worked on my Mac?
> Usdually it is the other way round ;-)
> So I took a look at the Mac application package and found that the standalone builder 
> had put the Mac version of the CLI into the ENGINE folder in a "copy?" of the original folder
> but only containing the Mac version? 8-)
> In the standalone:
> specialfolderpath("engine")
>  theCLI  (folder)
>    play ## Mac Version
> specialfolderpath("resources")
>  theCLI  (folder)
>    play.exe
>    an_important.dll
> This is very clever of the engine on one side, but very stupid on the other!?
> What gives?
> So if I now access that CLI in scripts in the standalone via specialfolderpath("engine")
> everything works as advertized, but this cannot be the real McCoy, does it?
> Now the thing does not work in the IDE unless I script also to differ between 
> IDE and standalone, no big fun really, sigh.
> Tested with LC 8.1.9 stable and LC 9dp 11.
> Bug or (very undocumented) feature?
> Or just a egomaniacal behaviour of the engine?
> Any hints, comments and whatnot very appreciated! :-)

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