Navigator Update -- Drag and Drop!

Geoff Canyon gcanyon at
Mon Feb 12 04:52:46 EST 2018

Drag and drop has always been just within a single Navigator window -- not
between Navigator windows, and not to/from open stacks. That changes (a
bit) today! You can now select any set of controls in a Navigator window
and drag them out of that window and onto any open stack. Detailed
documentation will come tomorrow, but there are notes below.

I'm very much looking for feedback on the visual and physical method of
dragging. I put some effort into making it as intuitive as possible, so let
me know what works for you and what doesn't. More is coming...

You can get Navigator here

This update also fixes the issue of Navigator's behavior stacks polluting
the project browser and Navigator. I'm sure glad I wrote the export/restore
code -- I've done it about a dozen times now.




When you drag out from a Navigator window, the drag image will represent
all the controls being dragged: their size and position relative to each
other (their rects).

This can be any selection of controls from a Navigator window, so controls
from different cards, different stacks, it doesn't matter.

Available stacks to drop on will be highlighted. Drag over a stack, and the
focus narrows to that stack, showing the top-level groups in that stack.
Drag over a group, and that group will be highlighted, and on and on.

You can drop on a stack, or into any group on that stack, just by dragging
into it. All the controls will be positioned in their same relative
position, wherever you dropped them.

Holding the control key stops the entry/exit from groups and stacks, so if
you want to add something to a group, but place it outside the group's
current boundaries, just drag over the group to highlight it, then hold the
control key and drag to wherever you want to place the controls. This also
means you can place controls outside a stack's window by highlighting the
stack, then holding the control key while you drag back outside the stack.

All controls are copied at present, even controls from the same card you're
dragging to.

Dragging a card onto a stack copies the whole card (from another stack, or
duplicating it within a given stack).

Dragging a stack onto another stack makes it a substack of that stack.
Dragging it onto itself makes it a mainstack.

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