Sync with Google Contacts, iCloud or Apple Contacts

Kaveh Bazargan kaveh at
Thu Feb 8 09:08:23 EST 2018

I am using Mac OS X. I have my contacts synced between different

   - Google Contacts
   - Apple Contacts
   - FullContact
   - iCloud
   - BusyContacts

All works nicely and as far as I can see all changes are saved and synced,
including thumbnail photos.

Now I am looking for the following solutions:

**Ideal solution**

A fully synced contact manager in LiveCode where I can make modifications.
I have not been able to find an easy way to sync two way. If I can have a
way of syncing Google Contacts etc to MySQL. Then I can just read and write
to the database.

**Acceptable solution**

When I start up my LiveCode app, I read in the up to date contacts,
including thumbnails. No edits are made in LiveCode to contacts.

Grateful for any hints...


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