how to format text for copy-pasting as a spreadsheet table

Nicolas Cueto niconiko at
Thu Feb 8 00:50:13 EST 2018

To make bingo grids, I'm using LC to randomize and arrange a list of words
(tabs between words, cr between lines).

What I then have to do to end up with an actual spreadsheet-style grid is:

(1st) Copy-paste the LC generated text into a notepad app (Notepad++);

(2nd) Copy-paste from the notepad app to a spreadsheet app (LibreCalc);

(3rd) Copy-paste from the spreadsheet app to a document app (MS-Publisher).

My question is, can LC format text so I can skip steps 1/2 and paste the
formatted text directly into the document app and still have it appearing
as a spreadsheet grid?

And, if so, what would such formatted text look like? Some kind of HTML? If
so, please! an example.

Fingers crossed...

Nicolas Cueto

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