update to Mkvmerger

James Hale james at thehales.id.au
Wed Feb 7 22:06:01 EST 2018

I have updated Mkvmerger on the livecodeshare.

#1 Updated to correct output file error when both lists used.

Sorry about that, not sure how that error was left there.
#2 Added command to extract first subtitle from file

The ability to extract the first subtitle (usually the one I want) from the video file has been added. Originally I played around with changing the synchronization of the subtitle track by adding the appropriate output file option ( -- sync: msecs) but I am not convinced this actually works. At least on the players I use. So I hard coded a call to "mkvextract" (also part of the mkvtoolnix app) to simply extract track 2 so that I could times hift it by other means.

The track ID's are usually :
0: Video
1: Audio
2: sub/srt

If you usually deal with multilingual files which have extra audio tracks or you want a different subtitle track the just modify the tracks number in this line:
put mkvmergepath && file1 && "tracks 2:" & sq & oFile & sq into commandline

 in the "doSomething2" handler


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