any tricks to make SHELL non blocking?

hh hh at
Tue Feb 6 20:35:59 EST 2018

> Warren S. wrote:
> The dictionary says: "On OS X systems, you can use the open process 
> command to start up an application, but not a Unix process. To work with 
> a Unix process, use the shell func instead." That makes me wonder if you 
> can only use shell() with ffmpeg.

It is not quite clear what is meant with "Unix process" in the dictionary.

This is, at any rate, not the same as "Unix executable" in the sense of MacOS.
Probably a standard like

ffmpeg isn't such a standard, but doesn't work with open process, others do.

I use "open process p0 for neither", where p0 is a variable of type
"<unix_executable> <args>", with success for several other unix executables.

Back to "shell":
You are obviously an expert with the shell/unix. It would be greatly appreciated
if you would share a general non-blocking shell command:
Non-blocking shells are often needed/wanted and you could write a command which
collects the advices from your last post. In the special case of ffmpeg it may
even be possible to redirect STDERR to a file that can be scanned while a large
job is running?

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