any tricks to make SHELL non blocking?

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Tue Feb 6 11:25:02 EST 2018

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> > (./ffmpeg -i '/Volumes/Audio CD/1 Audio Track.aiff' '/Volumes/20160518
> > ARCHIVE MASTER/JULY - JAN 2017/20040315-2-JD0211b.wav' &)

double quotes cause evaluation (for shell variables?), back quote (`)
causes contents to execute.  You seem to be using ', which is a literal.

Oh, I see.

You have *SPACES* in file names.

This *ALWAYS* leads to suffering.

Quoting a filename does not make it ok; it's still multiple words. If you
want to keep such evil names, you'll have to escape those spaces with \

A better idea is to get all the spaces out of filenames.  I only allow
letters, dot, and underscore.

You also have hyphens, which have meaning on some operating systems.

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