ControlKit and widget "hhControls" v1.0.2

hh hh at
Thu Feb 1 23:39:06 EST 2018

This is a widget for use with LC 8 (version > 8.1.5), LC 9 is
currently (as of 9.0.0-dp11) not supported, sorry.

"hhControls" is a widget that lets you *create* a widget that contains
controls: One or several of

++ push buttons,
++ check boxes,
++ (groupable) radio buttons, 
++ info text,
++ number steppers,
++ text steppers,
++ popup menus,
++ (horizontal) sliders,
++ color swatches (needs widget hhColorpicker)

The selected fontSize controls the size of the widget. All controls
*scale* with the selected fontSize. LCB does a real good job with
that, you will be surprised.

For downloading the widget and a demo stack use the
[b]hh-widgets-un-installer[/b] from "Sample Stacks" of the LC toolbar
(or )

For an easy build of the controls I made moreover a CONTROLKIT,
see "Sample Stacks" (or ).
This is good for exploring the properties of the controls and testing
the message that is sent by the widget on "MouseUp".
The controlKit generates moreover a script that you can especially
use for popping up your widget.

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