FormattedHeight of a field and its contents

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Feb 1 10:46:22 EST 2018

What version of LiveCode on what platform are you trying this on?

There have been a number of bugs related to object geometry
calculations, including fields, over the years, found and fixed in
various releases of LC. Some were platform and version of OS specific.

On 1/31/2018 8:31 PM, David Epstein via use-livecode wrote:
> Is there somewhere an explanation of how a field’s textSize, borderWidth, margins, and formattedHeight interact?  
> According to the dictionary entry for “formattedHeight”, a field’s formattedHeight is calculated “including top and bottom margins”, while the formattedHeight of a chunk is calculated “disregarding margins.”
> That does not seem consistent with these results for a field whose textSize is 16 and whose margin is 4:
> the formattedHeight of line 1 of fld 1                 19
> the formattedHeight of line 1 to 2 of fld 1          38
> the formattedHeight of fld 1                               15  if there’s one line of text
> the formattedHeight of fld 1                               34  if there are two lines of text.
> Even though there are top and bottom margins of 4, the field’s formattedHeight is smaller, rather than larger, than the formattedHeight of its contents.
> A perhaps related question:  Why does a field margin of zero clip the visible text at the top and left?
> Many thanks.
> David Epstein
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