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> I have these IDs:
>         Developer ID Installer
>         Developer ID Application
> DropDMG shows in its preferences the 'Developer ID Application’ that is
> used to sign the installer. That should be used and not 'Developer ID
> Installer’?
> Anyone have any guidance on this?

You do need to sign your app using your “Developer ID Installer” profile.
There is a script only stack I posted a while ago on that
will sign an app. Here is the url:

Just save the gist to a file with a .livecodescript extension and open it
in the IDE.

As for DropDMG it has the correct certificate selected. DMGs are not really
installers but the DMG does need to be signed to appease GateKeeper.

As Was already mentioned, the Levure packager will take care of signing
your apps for you. It will sign apps you distribute yourself, sign and
prepare an app for upload to the Mac App Store, and sign Mac App Store
development versions for testing. It is quite handy.

Of course if you are already trying to sign your app for distribution then
you aren’t at a point where you want to modify your app to use a new
framework. But something to consider for the future.

And this all doesn’t have anything to do with Notarization? That’s another
> step for the future?

No it does not.

Trevor DeVore

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