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How do they gather their data?

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> If you saw my Community Roundup talk in the November installment of
> LiveCode Global, you know I track the TIOBE Index as a shorthand
> indicator of LiveCode's relative marketshare/mindshare.
> The TIOBE Index is a list of the Top 100 programming languages in the
> world, ranked by popularity among developers.
> TIOBE is an imperfect indicator of the relative size of a programming
> language's audience, but warts and all it's probably the best we have.
> You can view the current index here:
> When we consider how many hundreds of languages there are, with new ones
> sprouting up every year, it's quite remarkable that a scripting language
> from a small company in Edinburgh that's been open source only five
> years is on the list at all.  But it is.
> And while it's currently in the lower 50 languages, also there with
> LiveCode are some very well known offerings made by much larger orgs,
> including ActionScript, APL, CoffeeScript, Common Lisp, Forth, OpenCL,
> PostScript, Smalltalk, Stata, Tcl, TypeScript, VBScript, and Wolfram.
> Also worth noting is what isn't on the list at all, including
> AppleScript, Qt, and Xojo.
> Historically, LC might appear on the TIOBE Index once every few months,
> but this year I've tracked it each month and the results are quite
> outstanding - it's now December so I can list the full year:
> Jan: not listed
> May: not listed
> Jun: not listed
> Jul: not listed
> AFAIK no previous year has seen LiveCode present on the TIOBE Index
> anywhere near as often, and currently we're in a consistent 5-month run.
> Kudos to the team for delivering a great tool satisfying so many.  And
> kudos to all of you using LiveCode, as that use contributes to the
> recognition of LiveCode's popularity.
> I look forward to seeing how LC does on TIOBE through 2019.
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