LiveCode on TIOBE, 2018

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Sat Dec 29 13:21:54 EST 2018

If you saw my Community Roundup talk in the November installment of 
LiveCode Global, you know I track the TIOBE Index as a shorthand 
indicator of LiveCode's relative marketshare/mindshare.

The TIOBE Index is a list of the Top 100 programming languages in the 
world, ranked by popularity among developers.

TIOBE is an imperfect indicator of the relative size of a programming 
language's audience, but warts and all it's probably the best we have. 
You can view the current index here:

When we consider how many hundreds of languages there are, with new ones 
sprouting up every year, it's quite remarkable that a scripting language 
from a small company in Edinburgh that's been open source only five 
years is on the list at all.  But it is.

And while it's currently in the lower 50 languages, also there with 
LiveCode are some very well known offerings made by much larger orgs, 
including ActionScript, APL, CoffeeScript, Common Lisp, Forth, OpenCL, 
PostScript, Smalltalk, Stata, Tcl, TypeScript, VBScript, and Wolfram.

Also worth noting is what isn't on the list at all, including 
AppleScript, Qt, and Xojo.

Historically, LC might appear on the TIOBE Index once every few months, 
but this year I've tracked it each month and the results are quite 
outstanding - it's now December so I can list the full year:

Jan: not listed
May: not listed
Jun: not listed
Jul: not listed

AFAIK no previous year has seen LiveCode present on the TIOBE Index 
anywhere near as often, and currently we're in a consistent 5-month run.

Kudos to the team for delivering a great tool satisfying so many.  And 
kudos to all of you using LiveCode, as that use contributes to the 
recognition of LiveCode's popularity.

I look forward to seeing how LC does on TIOBE through 2019.

  Richard Gaskin
  Fourth World Systems
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