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> ...
>  BUT:  " A new developer may be more likely to see the chained behavior if
> the behaviors are explicitly assigned in code vs having to use vs going to
> the IDE to look up what the behavior chain is."
> That is a problem using "Navigator" (does not show nested behaviors) or
> the Project Browser which simply as (2)(1)(5) too obscure....
> " if the behaviors are explicitly assigned in code"
> How would you do that?  Currently it is obfuscated from the developer by
> the IDE

I was thinking of something like this in whatever code loads the stack that
has the model attached to it:

set the behavior of stack "MyStack" to the long id of stack "MyBehavior"

> " script "behavior_MyAudio" with behavior "behavior_ListenUI"
> Does not appear in the Script Editor. I consider that a "deficit"
> attribute of the "whole system" of nested behaviors.

I forgot about that. I always use SublimeText to edit my project scripts so
I see the entire script. Perhaps the SE could use an update that shows the
behavior assigned to the object of the script you are editing?

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