Find In the IDE

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Fri Dec 28 12:30:37 EST 2018

I tried, in the IDE, to use the dialog 

Find and Replace	
	Find: "toggleImgSize"
	In: All stack files in a folder
	Folder: _Siva-Siva-app
	Script (checked)
# I know for sure it is at least in one *.livecodescript file…
# Hopefully to see where else it is used…
# Set the "folder" to my whole app folder…to look through all subfolders.
    I get "0 objects found"

I am off to BBEdit's "Multi-File search".... But this why doesn't this work in the IDE?

[Hmmm BBedit file search opens the binary files and you can actually see the script *inside* the stack... ]



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