Websockets Problem on LiveCode

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 23:47:03 EST 2018

This is a 911 call for HELP from anyone.

We are using a Socket IO server. We tried using the web browser to
send websockets messages...no problems.

but when we listen and receive the websocket message, that is where the
problem is created. If we don't call LiveCode from the web browser, we
don't have any issues.

But as soon as the browser calls a LiveCode function from Javascript the
app is crashing in both iOS and Android. Sometime after 10 mins, sometimes
after 20 mins - but it never makes it over an hour.

I assume that it is a memory leaking error. Has anyone had this problem of
calling LiveCode function from a JavaScript function in the browser?? This
is a HUGE problem for us as the app cannot be shipped.

Charles, you said you had a solution, but we could not get it to work.
Maybe we were doing something wrong and you could point us in the right

Thanks for any help,


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