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Wed Dec 26 14:03:42 EST 2018

FrameTalkHTML5 is my end-of-year gift 2018 to the community.

It is a HTML5 standalone that can talk (send/ receive messages)
to other instances of itself in frames of the same browser window.
The instances of the standalone can come from different (local or
remote) servers.

The "installation" uses "postMessage" on the javaScript side and a
javascriptHandler of the HTML5-standalone on the LC side.

[1] Use the 2x2 demo "FrameTalkHTML5" from a browser widget.
This is available from "Sample Stacks" or from

The sample-stack contains a browser widget that loads the four frames
from two different servers.

**** You can moreover talk from/to the stack to/from each of the
**** four frames displayed in the widget.

The stack has large help (incl. the URL of the source code of the
HTLM5 standalone used in the frames).

[2] Call a 2x2-demo "FrameTalkHTML5" in your (ordinary) browser
from the index (scroll to bottom),

In this versions the "top" (the frameset) simply answers back a
'Got it' to the sending standalone into its frame.

p.s. Santas are busy again until 2019 :-)

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