Understanding Image Sizes, Before And After Display

Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at hindu.org
Sun Dec 23 11:19:07 EST 2018

From the dictionary and confirmed here:
*Important:* The crop command cannot be used on a
  referenced image. Doing so will cause an 
  execution error. 

Also, today, I can't copy a referenced image?

Again missing something simple...

command createEmbedAndCrop
   Create image "gems"
   set the loc of img "gems" to the loc of img "theImage"
 #  img "theImage" is referenced, now displayed in original format/rect

   -- set the imagedata of img "gems" to  the imagedata of image "theImage"  
# doesn’t work

   -- set the text of img "gems" to  the imagedata of image "theImage"  
# also doesn't work

# from the dictionary. Also doesn’t work:
	put image "theImage" into image "gems"

# this works, but have no data in the image "gems" :
   crop image "gems" to rect of grc "newCrop"
end createEmbedAndCrop

Hmm.... why does this fail:

put image "theImage" into image "gems" 


*Tip:*  To copy the information in an image at full resolution,
  regardless of whether its height and width have been changed, use
  a statement like the following:

    put image "Full Resolution" into image "Copied Image"
Well I discovered it's because image "fullResolution" is referenced?

I scanned thru the IDE stacks in project Browser, looking for the 

"Import as Control --> image file"

Which should have the method for imported an embedded image.... But I could not find it

 J. Landman Gay wrote:

    There's a crop command to allow you to do it in a script.

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