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Dan Friedman dan at
Wed Dec 19 11:38:25 EST 2018


This an update to an older project.  LC is finding the icons and splash screens because it's not throwing an error or warning at build.  But, I cleared all the icons and splash screens in the Standalone Application Settings and re-selected them.  That seemd to resolve the issue!  Wheew!    I'll make it a habit to re-select these files when updating older projects.  Something must have changed with these paths between versions of LC.

Thanks for the help!


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Date: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at 8:01 AM
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Subject: Re: Can't Submit App to iTunes

Hello Dan,

Indeed, Default-568h at 2x.png is required. In fact the standalone builder puts a default image in the app bundle named "Default-568h at 2x.png" in case the user does not provide any.

Since you have provided all the necessary icons and splash screens, I do not see any reason why they don't appear (all of them) in the app bundle. I take it that all the icons and splash screens you have provided are all of the required dimensions, as specified in the tooltips of the icon/splash fields, is that correct?

If you think it is a bug, then I suggest you file a report at<> and send us (either to panos.merakos at<mailto:panos.merakos at> or to support at<mailto:support at>) you full stack and the set of images and icons you use.

BTW what is the minimum target iOS version in the iOS standalone settings? It might be worth changing it to "8.0 or later" and see if you still get these errors.

Kind regards,

On Wed, Dec 19, 2018 at 5:52 PM Dan Friedman <dan at<mailto:dan at>> wrote:

Any word on this issue?   Colin Holgate suggested that I add all the portrait splash screen images even thou my app doesn't display in portrait.  I did that, and I got the exact same errors from Application Loader.


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Hello Dan,

If you right click on the .app bundle and choose "Show Package Contents", are the image files there?

Best Regards

On Tue, Dec 18, 2018 at 10:41 PM Dan Friedman via use-livecode <mailto:use-livecode at<mailto:use-livecode at>> wrote:

I've never had this problem before… When I attempt to upload my app via the Application Loader, I get a number of errors:

ERROR ITMS-90096: "Your binary is not optimized for iPhone 5 - New iPhone apps and app updates submitted must support the 4-inch display on iPhone 5 and must include a launch image referenced in the Info.plist under UILaunchImages with a UILaunchImageSize value set to {320, 568}. Launch images must be PNG files and located at the top-level of your bundle, or provided within each .lproj folder if you localize your launch images. Learn more about iPhone 5 support and app launch images by reviewing the 'iOS Human Interface Guidelines' at"

ERROR ITMS-90032: "Invalid Image Path - No image found at the path referenced under key 'CFBundleIcons': 'AppIcon60x60'"

ERROR ITMS-90022: "Missing required icon file. The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPhone / iPod Touch of exactly '120x120' pixels, in .png format for iOS versions >= 10.0."

ERROR ITMS-90023: "Missing required icon file. The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPad of exactly '152x152' pixels, in .png format for iOS versions >= 10.0."

All icons are included in the App Settings (and they are correct, I triple checked!).  Also, all Splash screens are included.  I did not include the Portrait splash screens as the app does not use portrait display.

Any thoughts?

LC Indy 9.0.2
iOS SDK 11.2
MacOS 10.12.6

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