DataGrid in v9: DragImage broken on Windows?

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Dec 18 15:20:44 EST 2018

The following relates to Windows only; things are working well on macOS.

I have this code in a DataGrid in an older project:

on dragstart
    if the dgDataControl of the target <> "" then
      put the dgIndex of the dgDataControl of the target into theIndex
      set the dgDragImageIndex of me to theIndex
      set the dragData["private"] to "FieldGrid" & cr & theIndex
    end if
end dragstart

In earlier versions the dragImage looks great.

In v9 no dragImage shows at all.

I do get the drag cursor, but no image of the record line.

What has changed with the DG to account for this, and how do I restore
the former excellent dragImage?

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