Stumped on Datagrid Problem

Tom Glod tom at
Fri Dec 14 17:10:59 EST 2018

I am using the "dgNumberOfRecords" mechanism to populate a grid.
Everything works as expected.

except .....I need the last (new)  element to show up first and the first
element to show up last.

this is normally achieved by sorting the column, but I cannot sort using
the "large dataset method".

I really don't want to rewrite the array to reverse the sequence every time
a new record is added..... that will degrade performance as time goes on
big time......which is the very reason why i used this method for
populating the grid in the first place..... this grid can have 10,000 items
in it after a months use.

the other problem is that elements can also be deleted from the array so
the array indexes are not always perfectly sequential


any ideas are welcome. thank you.

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