Seeking OSX Code signing consultant...

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The only downside of Android signing is if you lose your local signing
file(keystore) or forget any of the passwords(keystore master or app) you
can never update the app again on the PlayStore.

I have the iOS thingy under control. I run multiple Xcodes. If anyone needs
any help just ask me. I can get you though setup and the signing process but
can only make suggestions getting you though the Apple approval gauntlet.
When deploying to external testers I suggest JLM's AirLaunch plug-in.

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On 12/12/18 1:20 PM, Paul Dupuis via use-livecode wrote:
> Either there are not enough people willing to pay for 3rd party 
> developer services for 3rd party developers to make a living at it OR 
> the market of people wanting LC related developer expertise is larger 
> than the available number of "experts".
> Also, if you are making a commercial application in LiveCode for 
> Windows, OSX, and probably Linux too, you pretty much have to code 
> sign the app or your sales will suffer (if you get any at all). For 
> Android and iOS code signing is required.

I don't know about others, but I haven't built an iOS app for some years
now. I did learn how to do it a long time ago, but a lot has changed since
then so I'm no longer qualified to call myself an expert. The reason I
haven't built for iOS lately is because of Apple's many restrictions which
disqualify my clients' apps, so we release for Android instead where there
is more flexibility to make apps that do what we need. (One example: Apple's
unfathomable restriction on reading an NFC tag ID. We'd have an iOS app if
it weren't for that.)

Codesigning for Android is dead simple, and once you've created a signing
key on your own hard drive you can continue to use it indefinitely. There
are one-click tools for codesigning on Windows and OS X, which helps, but
even OS X requires the certificate juggling game, and Windows requires a
lengthy process (and some cost) to get developer verification. But in any
case, if the problem is with your certificates, there's not much anyone else
can do; as the developer you need to know how to create and manage those
yourself, or allow someone else to access your account and do it.

While it isn't strictly LC-related, a lesson on how to deal with Apple
certificates wouldn't hurt. Apple is the only company that requires those.

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