Seeking OSX Code signing consultant... [ANSWER]

Paul Dupuis paul at
Thu Dec 13 16:42:00 EST 2018

For anyone interested, my OSX Code Signing nightmare has been resolved.

Only one person contacted me with an offer of consulting on an online 
meeting, Sean Cole of Pi Digital Products Ltd.

A huge thank you to Sean. Our online meeting lasted 15 minutes. As I 
expected, in a few minutes he noticed that I was missing an Intermediate 
Certificate. Once that have been downloaded and installed in my 
Keychain, I could regenerate and reinstall my app and installer signing 
certificates from the Apple Developer site and XCode and was able to 
sign OSX apps again in about another hour of refreshing things after our 
online meeting was done.

Should I have probably been able to discover the missing Intermediate 
Certificate on my own. Well sure, eventually. However, that is the 
difference between someone who sets up code signing perhaps every 4 
years (or more as I noticed by regenerated certificates don't expire 
until 2023)! It probably would have taken me another couple of DAYS to 
solve on my own, or I might have figured it out in another few hours. 
However, some one who has the technical details of code signing fresh on 
their mind was able to help in minutes.

Due to the quickness of the resolution Sean was kind enough to offer 
this aid gratis, but you can bet that the next time Researchware has 
need of for pay supplemental development assistance, we'll be talking to 
him again.

Paul Dupuis


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