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Sannyasin Brahmanathaswami brahma at
Tue Dec 11 10:31:40 EST 2018

Tom... did you mean "set its dgprop"?

I think I figured it out..  First I needed to follow procedure:

--In project inspector  for the datagrip
--Pick Row Template
--Make sure not to have "SelectGroupedControls" on 
--Set the Row Template group
-- Choose Edit.

Now the interesting part..  the "background" is "special object"

You can set it color and gradient... you will see them Row Template card. Click stop editing group, save the card

Quit the row template card and refresh in the PI of the map. I think it did refresh, because you don't see the color and gradient of the background

What happens is  if the background of opaque, the row color as sent on datagrid inspector shows through! It does not matter what the color or gradient of the "background" graphic.... what matters is  that is either opaque or not. If does show round corners if want you those and you set it opaque.

So if you do want a real "backdrop" you have the make an graphic rectangle, set its layer to 2 (just above Background)  and if you give a color/gradient, stop editing the group, save the care and refresh it works. 

So it seems that the background serves  as a mask with transparency or no transparency

And this give you the ability to add visual space between the rows (to the users, in reality the background of ever row  touches the next one)..

Anyway, that as far I got with datagrid the mysteries as of today. 


On 12/10/18, 7:23 PM, "Tom Glod via use-livecode" <use-livecode at> wrote:

    the best way to refresh your grid is to "set its dgdata" property to the
    array you want.
    i've used the grid extensively and over the years have gone through all
    sorts of anomalies.
    Hitting refresh on inspector seems like it should work..... but with v9 and
    other possible issues...i wouldn't trust it ........, setting the dgdata is
    the only way to reset.
    if it still doesn't work then there is something wrong with the code on
    your templates.

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