WordReport Registration

Curry Kenworthy curry at pair.com
Mon Dec 10 07:46:42 EST 2018


 > I'd contact the provider of the software but I've seen
 > numerous messages saying he doesn't respond to emails that
 > I thought I'd ask an existing user.

Hi Bernard. Hmmm...it sounds like someone out there in message-land is 
suffering from a severe allergy to facts or insufficient information, 
because reality is 180 degrees in the opposite direction. That is 
utterly false and could confuse other users!

So I feel compelled to emphasize: sending DIRECT EMAIL to me is usually 
the BEST and surest way to get a RESPONSE from myself if that's what is 
desired. I do NOT monitor every thread on lists and forums, and a 
response here from myself is considerably LESS likely. As I say, the 
exact opposite. I aim to respond initially within 48 hours, assuming I 
receive the message and the subject line has something to do with the 
product name or LiveCode. It's possible that someone has emailed me and 
it was caught by my ISP or their ISP or a filter - that should be rare 
if ever, but from faceless rumors there's just no way to know. I've 
always maintained two email addresses, at pair and curryk, just in case 
any situations like that ever come up.

Feel free to ask questions here from amazing people here like Matthias, 
and it worked out extremely well this time, so all is good. My only 
request is this: please just don't pass along unverified information 
from unknown messages in the process of asking questions. That could 
confuse someone else and make it more difficult for THEM to get help. 
Plus it takes time writing up an extra explanation about the fake info, 
which takes time away from assisting people and finishing updates and 
fixes. I'm slow enough at times without needing any drag parachutes and 
side detours to hold me back from the work! :)

 > The file "WordReport Registered Uses.pdf" is not included in the
 > zip file that is downloaded from within our user area on livecode.com

That file and a brief reg command summary are usually in an order 
confirmation email along with the license key. Remember, WordReport 
itself is a product, not a store. It's sold on multiple stores and only 
one store (my own) is under my direct control. Depending on where and 
when you bought the product, such as a bundle, it's possible that the 
store's product delivery might not have been set up to include those 
resources in an email. Or if you've lost that email and come back later 
for the download, similar situation. In such a case all you would need 
to do is ask LC Support or myself and it would be provided.

 > The beauty of the WordReport concept is that it puts report-
 > writing in the hands of the user.

Thanks Bernard, very much appreciated! And it's getting even better; an 
update is coming pretty soon. Good luck on your project.

And thanks Matthias for doing a perfect job of fielding this inquiry! 
Hope you are doing well.

Best wishes,

Curry Kenworthy

WordLib: Take charge of MS Word and OpenOffice documents
SpreadLib: "Excel-lent" spreadsheet import/export for LC

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