Map url in Browser Widget

hh hh at
Sat Dec 8 15:09:58 EST 2018

The examples of my last post show a marker but ignore the initial zoom.
The following shows the marker and also respects the zoom (1-19).
(Tested on desktop only).

on mouseUp
  put 8 into z
  put 45.829321 into la
  put -109.904418 into lo
  set url of widget "browser" to \
end mouseUp

> (removed in examples zoom as it doesn't work):

> > Mike wrote:
> > ... does anyone know what needs to be added to the code in order to place a
> > "marker" into the map location? ...
> > This is what I generate now:
> >,-109.904418,10z
> The t=h is for a hybrid view
> Another example, for a text query:

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