Show invisible characters (tab, space, return) in field

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Thank you for spending the time on this. Like all your posts it is an
education! Great idea to convert just a visible part of text! I am going to
study well and work on this.

On the live conversion, you are adding a unicode character before a space,
say. That means two characters and therefore two character widths. Is there
a way of making spaces zero width, or the new characters overlapping the
space etc? Ideally I want the text widths of lines to be the same with and
without the visible chars.

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> > Kaveh wrote:
> > I need the user to edit as normal and with normal functionality but see
> the normally
> > invisible characters. So seems I would need a native solution. :-(
> This works for me (TMHO, this demonstrates the beauty of LC).
> Script your field with the following.
> on rawkeyDown k
>   switch k
>    case 32 -- space
>       put numToCodePoint(0x00B7)&numToCodePoint(0x200A) into the selection
>       break
>     case 65293 -- return
>       put numToCodePoint(0x23CE)&cr into the selection
>       break
>      case 65289 -- tab
>       -- put tab&numToCodePoint(0x21E5) into the selection -- alternate
>       put numToCodePoint(0x21E5)&tab into the selection
>       break
>     default
>       pass rawkeydown
>   end switch
> end rawkeyDown
> For converting the whole field *or a visible part of it* (you could use a
> check button)
> use the replace-script of my last post. For a few lines (< 500), put into
> a temporary
> field, conversion preserving styles is still fast.
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