remove empty lines in DG

JJS jjs at
Fri Dec 7 14:16:04 EST 2018


i don't know why but with one stack i have when the DG is populated, 
empty lines at the top which i can't seem to remove.

Data is being fetched from a DB, then base64decoded, then decrypted. In 
neither state i could find an empty line.

Now it seems only with this stack on windows.

The same trick i do on windows and mobile with other stacks and the DG 
and this seems to work ok.

I tried to remove the empty lines but no luck. and also:

*--set the dgProp["sort by column"] of group "DataGrid 1" of card 1 to 

*dispatch*"SortByColumn"to*group*"DataGrid 1"ofcard1with"Nummer"

Anyone has a trick? before i decide to delete the DG and replace with a 
new one.


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