Safari vs Browser Widget

hh hh at
Wed Dec 5 20:48:38 EST 2018

Some of the newer browser versions need a https connection. So if doesn't work, then please try

> >> Dan F. wrote:
> >> I am working on a HTML5 web page that accesses the device's camera.
> >> When I open the url in Safari (on my Mac or iOS device), I am asked
> >> if it's ok to use the camera and everything works perfectly!
> >> However, if I load this same url in the Browser Widget (or a plain
> >> native browser), it doesn’t ask to use the camera and it all fails.
> >> Is this a limitation of the implementation of the browser in LiveCode,
> >> or is there a setting I have to set?
> > 
> > hh wrote:
> > The getUserMedia() dialog doesn't work in the browser widget.
> > You could try to do that "as javascript" in your HTML5 app.
> We meanwhile know that Dan needs it for mobile onl, so a HTML5
> standalone will not work for that.
> To demonstrate this works on desktop with a HTML5 standalone try this
> with Chrome, Firefox or Safari (use newest):
> This is *very* basic, a first step into WebRTC.
> Your webcam is started from the standalone, the mediaDevice dialog
> and the video display is in the webpage. The display could be 'moved',
> with loosing some frames/second, to the standalone.

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