Setting hidden of lines very slow

Alex Tweedly alex at
Mon Dec 3 15:27:52 EST 2018

On 03/12/2018 14:51, Håkan Liljegren via use-livecode 
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> and you can also shave off some milliseconds in the styledText version by using foreach:
> It is a bit strange though that the foreach always seams to be faster. If we try to sum an array with 100 000 element like:

I know you were demonstrating the difference between "repeat for each 
key" and "repeat with i=", and using 'sum' to do so (very effectively).

But for completeness, just in case someone wanted to sum an array, I 
would point out that  you could also do

> put the long seconds into tStart
> put sum(tData) into tSum3
> put the long seconds - tStart into tTime3
and that would another 4x faster again :-)

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