hhPDFViewer v0.8.0

hh hh at hyperhh.de
Mon Dec 3 12:35:57 EST 2018

> Kaveh wrote:
> Any way of selecting or copying text from the PDF file?
> Any way of finding a particular text in the PDF?

The problem is:
The viewer template of pdfJS cannot be used if one would like to load
PDFs from anywhere, not only from a server where the script resides.
So I had to use the "atomic" features of pdfJS for the current viewer.

But there is some "text-layer" code one can use for one's own project.
There is no documentation about that, one has to dive deep into the code.
It is a lot of code and it will need at least 2-3 full days to implement.

I will do it, hopefully this year, especially as printing to pdf from the
browser widget is probably coming next year, in LC 9.1 (read on github).

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