Down a leafy lane or up queer street?

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First of all I never use lockscreens in preopencards. It's redundant unless
there are some conditions I'm unaware of.

I recently had this problem when I used "file==>Import control from==>image
file" and then subsequently set the filename property. It seemed like once
the image control was using an image imported to stack I could never set the
filename property and get anything other than the "horrible gray square". I
don't think it was always this way. What I did to fix it was to delete the
control and then added an empty image control from the IDE tools pallet.
After that I was able to set the filename property and see the images just
fine and dandy. Any chance this is also your problem?

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I am being extremely stupid, and am getting so desperate I don't mind
admitting it.

I have a stack containing a series of images that are 'empty' images with
their sources set to an external folder.

Now in my stackScript I have this:

|global route66 on preOpenStack put specialFolderPath("resources") &
"/Desktop/Obfuscated/May 2018/assets/img/" into route66 go to card "TITLE"
end preOpenStack|

and in my cardScript I have this:

|on preOpenCard set the lockScreen to true -------- set the filename of
img "p1" to empty ------- set the filename of img "p1" to (route66 &
"c1.png") set the blendlevel of img "p1" to 0 -------- wait 3 ticks set the
lockScreen to false end preOpenCard so, WHY cannot I see the target image,
merely a horrible grey square? Richmond. |

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