Omegabundle, Scott Rossi and TactileMedia

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Sun Apr 29 10:44:23 EDT 2018

I was intrigued by Roger's reference to "tmAlign and "tmEffects" ... always on the lookout for tools to make my programming life easier.  In the process I also ran across references to "Omegabudle 2011 for Livecode" ... which sounded like a GREAT deal.  HOWEVER, I cannot find anywhere that I can acquire these tools much less more information regarding them.  The "" site (referenced in "") now re-directs to "" with no reference to this Omegabundle whatsoever.  The "" site does not have any reference to any LC tools (that I can find).  I've gone back a few months in THIS list and don't see any recent entry by Lynn Fredricks, who was the President of Paradigma Software in 2012.

Scott Rossi's TactileMedia store, when accessed directly, only has "tmControl 1" available and scant info on it.  If you Google for "tactilemedia store", you can find a reference to "tmControl 2" but, again with little info.  Absolutely NOTHING about "tmAlign" or "tmEffects" or anything else for that matter.

I will try to contact Mr. Rossi and Lynn Fredricks directly but, in the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to acquire these utilities or where they might be available, I'd greatly appreciate the information.


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> I am a total fan of Scott and the many contributions he has offered to the LC community over the
> years. I particularly like his little plugins tmAlign and tmEffects and use them all the time.
> However, the title bars of these have gone from light on dark to light on light in V9 of LC, to such
> an extent that one can hardly read the menu items. And, so far, I have been unable to find a
> resolution on Scott?s TactileMedia website. Can anyone suggest an easy fix for this?
> I have missed Scott?s frequent participation to this list and hope he is well!!
> Cheers,
> Roger

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