Down a leafy lane or up queer street?

Richmond Mathewson richmondmathewson at
Sat Apr 28 13:34:50 EDT 2018

Probably both . . .

So, there I am opening an on-going project I have been "somewhat remiss" 
about of late
what with one thing and another.

Now this project has a ton of images made via the Object/New 
Control/Image menu
and for their image data in their property panels are referred to a 
folder called "rez"
that resides in the same folder as my stack.

Now when I set up the stack the source field in the property panels went 
like this:


and "everything worked perfectly" . . .

on reopening the stack the image data does not show up
and the source fields contain this sort of thing:


now this "just won't do" as the . . . well, never mind; probably that is 
too filthy a joke for the Use-List.

So . . . presumably, I need a sort of 'set the default file path' script 
in my openScript thang?


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