Building for Android in v9

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Thu Apr 26 15:13:20 EDT 2018

Paul Richards wrote:

 > From: Richard Gaskin:
 >> Is there a known issue with building Android APKs in v9?
 >> Here it goes through the process surprisingly quickly, then reports
 >> that it completed successfully - only to find the target build folder
 >> empty. :(

 >> You wouldn't happen to be using the new Map Widget by any chance?
 > If You haven't entered the Map API key then no APK file is produced,
 > only the build folder - and no error anywhere   (for me anyway)

Thanks - solved that problem.

Do you know if there's a but report against the Standalone Builder 
falsely reporting success under this circumstance?  If not I'll file one.

Now over that hurdle and onto the next - during build the SB reports:

    There was an error while saving the standalone
    could not build class bundle

Been building Android apps for years with LC, but alas hadn't tested in 
9.  My bad.  Apparently many things have changed, and I need to figure 
them out without having functional docs (I'm on Linux).

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