Programmatically changing cRevStandaloneSettings was [Q on Accessing multi-dimension arrays.}

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This dovetails into some weirdness I am seeing. I'm trying to change the standalone settings Custom property group cRevStandaloneSettings. I want to programmatically fill in the mobile icons/splash pages. The android key has the expansion triangle but all that's there is one blank key. But the more interesting thing is the keys below it are in the format like Alex is asking about (firstkey,secondkey). When you click on one of the keys the value is not there. The value is to the right of the key. I can't make sense of this. What am I missing?

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I have a (vague) memory that there is some way to do this ... but can't remember and haven't had any luck searching for it ....

I have a multi-dimension array, say created by

put "answer" into tArray["firstkey"]["secondkey"]

Is there some way or format to specify the array elements using the 
"path" of the keys, rather than each one at its own level) ?

i.e. something like (but obviously not exactly)

   put tArray["firstkey,secondkey"]

where each item/part of the key is interpreted s the next level in the 



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