macOS "Recovered files"

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Apr 24 15:23:09 EDT 2018

Matthias Rebbe wrote:

 > At >
 > there is a description about recovered files/folders in trash.
 >  According to Apples description this happens when an app quits
 > unexpectedly and is not able to delete the temp files before it
 > quits. After a restart of the Mac these files are appearing in trash.
 > So it seems, LC 9 GM does not delete the temp files correctly before
 > quitting or maybe is quitting to fast or whatever and Mac OS X
 > recovers those files after a restart.
 > That seems to be a bug, doesn´t it?

I would say so.  "Recovery" implies an error condition, and the spec 
explicitly suggests an app's responsibility to clean up its tmp files.

If you file a bug report please note the URL or bug ID here so 
interested readers can follow along.  Thanks.

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