mergBLE usage

Douglas Ruisaard dougr at
Sun Apr 22 11:15:02 EDT 2018

Monte... or anyone else brave enough to contribute :-) (no colored emoji, sorry) ... 


Is there a way to time out the attempted connection to a BLE device using the mergBLE functions.  I can't seem to find a command which doesn't need a peripheral UUID  ... like "mergBLEConnectPeripheral pPeripheral" ...  which has a corresponding "fail" message: "mergBLEDidFailToConnectPeripheral pPeripheral, pError " ... or can I use this command/message combo in some way to look for a BLE device and if not present (or if NO BLE device is present / active), timeout and fail?  I need my LC code to be able to detect whether a BLE device is present and if not "move on" ... right now, my modified code, taken from the example mergBLE script, just waits forever for a peripheral which may never appear.


Thanks in advance



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