Search a multidimensional array

andrew at andrew at
Fri Apr 20 17:42:11 EDT 2018

THANK YOU for the recommendation! It took 4 seconds to convert this  
giant array to an SQLlite DB that could be queried in a heartbeat. You  
just took this project from proof of concept to prototype.

My apologies to the list, I vaguely remember seeing that thread but  
didn't recall the title or date. Hopefully THIS thread will make it  
easier for the next n00b to find their solution.

--Andrew Bell

> Andrew, you don't peruse this list much, do you? :-)
> A recent thread has been going on about just this issue. The upshot  
> is that one pass through the array is obviously needed for the  
> sqLite conversion, but after that multiple queries can be done much  
> more efficiently. I have code already written that converts an array  
> to a memory sqLite database. Once you do that, you can index on the  
> columns you query most often. Contact me off list and I will send it  
> to you.
> As an aside, why not just use an sqLite database out of the gate?  
> And to the rest of the list, there should probably be a way to  
> import a file based sqlite database into a memory database and then  
> back again for speed.
> Bob S

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