Contributing to the IDE

Niggemann, Bernd Bernd.Niggemann at
Fri Apr 20 06:30:04 EDT 2018

>Monte Goulding via use-livecode<> Fri, 20 Apr 2018 01:49:50 -0700<> wrote

>I’m fairly sure Bernd implements stuff using his current install of LC locally
>then then makes a patch with that using the github web ui. Am I right Bernd? I
>think the web interface is significantly harder and more confusing to use
>personally but that could be just me. It’s also not possible to do things like
>fix up commit messages.

Yes, I use the github web ui. It is not really straightforward but after a while one gets used to it. And some things are not possible but one can always close a pull request and do a new one. E.g when doing a pull request against the wrong branch.

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