Douglas Ruisaard dougr at
Thu Apr 19 12:01:23 EDT 2018

I am pursuing another course of action for my iOS USB investigation... in the meantime, in case I need it, I'd appreciate some assistance with mergeAccessory.


first, the associated doc (api.lcdoc) to mergAccessory is a tad out of date... referencing LC v 5.5 ... but adjusting for version 8.1.9, while there is a "Settings.plist" file in the specified path, it is "unreadable by either by  Xcode 9.2 or  Xcode 8.2 ==> "The data couldn't be read because it isn't in the correct format".  Using an alternative plist reader "Perf Setter", I get a "The document 'Settings.plist" could not be opened".


I checked the permissions, even copied the file to my user directory, changed the permission to Read/Write and get the same messages.  I can open it in TextEdit but am hesitant to make and save any changes using that editor since the file itself seems to be non-standard... embedded control characters???  Any idea of why this file is "inaccessible"?


Next, I do not see any key as referenced in the api doc:  <key>UISupportedExternalAccessoryProtocols</key> ... that's OK.. I assume I'd have to create this key but the example only show how to specify the protocol ... the docs say:


"... Each device in the MFi program has a name and one or more protocols it supports ..." .. so where does the "name" go?


Finally, I don't see what the example code is supposed to be demonstrating.  A bit more explanation on that would be appreciated.




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