some thoughts on version 9.0.0

Douglas Ruisaard dougr at
Thu Apr 19 12:00:46 EDT 2018

I use the Project Browser heavily ... one change in 9.0.0 I definitely DO NOT like is the "new" way of indicating a "behavior" assignment on an object.  What's with the little oval with a "1" in it???  I used the (previous) line counts to visually match to the "source" button line counts.. easy... now, I have to open the Properties to see which object is the source behavior.. not good, IMO


Next is the significant decrease in the "Ink" choices... I've found (by process of elimination) the "notSrcOrReverse" ink works for me in several situations.... there ain't no such thing in v9.0.0.  And sometimes the drop down Ink listing gets "stuck" behind the Property window ... blocking some of the choices... inconsistent and not reproducible between stacks but consistent within a stack.  


A few other inconsistencies and quirks which are not consistent between stacks but demonstrable on specific stacks are not going to encourage me to use the v9.0.0 for production stuff.. until new revisions are produced.



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