Posting to LiveCode Server

Todd Fabacher tfabacher at
Wed Apr 18 06:50:55 EDT 2018

Any Help will be appreciated...

Normally we use Node.js, but we are trying to get LiveCode server working.
We are doing a simple test:

<?lc put "It Works" ?>

If I put the URL in a browser I get back, "It works"

*put* "Accept: text/plain" & CR after tHeaders
*put* "Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded" & CR after tHeaders
*set* the httpHeaders to tHeaders
*put*"fullname=chi&gender=male&color=black" into tArgList
*post* tArgList to URL "
*put* the result into tError
*put* it into tFormResults

The tError is:  tsneterr: (52) Empty reply from server

and tFormResults is null

I need some help ASAP. This is SUPER frustrating!!

--Todd Fabacher

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