iOS usb/serial access and use

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Hmmm... I found an interesting and possibly an exploitable approach... possibly in combination with Monte's suggestion that "mergAccessory" may be a component.  In the link:

 ... there is discussion about using a MIDI device as an attachment to an iOS device.  I could easily get the arduino to appear to be a MIDI device, since that merely involves using a specific "protocol" for moving data AND there are many arduino project which use the arduino for MIDI processing, input and output.

Question is.. how would I go about "marrying" the two... a MIDI "device" and Monte's "mergAccessory" external?

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Thanks for the reply, Monte.  Well, that's disappointing but not surprising.  Kinda like "Dad" not letting you drive his car ... although I'm likely older than "Dad" and willing to take the "responsibility".  I guess it's on to XCode, then.  It's good to have a definitive answer to this question.  Fosters confidence in web searches ... even negative result ones.

It does somewhat bother me, though, that use of the USB to an iOS device *is* available "within" LC but not exposed as a function... I though the LC IDE was written in LC ... someone had that in a posting I read recently ... so, in principle, it "could" be made available to developers.  It's not as if LC doesn't allow us to access and use serial/USB devices in other OS's!  I'm sure in this age of wireless-ness, hardwire connectivity is a conceptual dinosaur but, for us die-hards, it remains a viable alternative.

Douglas Ruisaard
Trilogy Software
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Hi Douglas

Unless something has changed recently iOS does not provide a public way to use the USB cable. It could be that there is a third party accessory that you can plug in to do this though. If so you could use mergAccessory to read and write to it.



> On 16 Apr 2018, at 1:42 am, Douglas Ruisaard via use-livecode <use-livecode at> wrote:
> Now, for the next "component", I'd like to be able to communicate to and from the arduino to and from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad) via a "hardwire" connection... 

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