Where does TSNet go on Windows standalone?

Graham Samuel livfoss at mac.com
Fri Apr 13 18:25:43 EDT 2018

I’ve created an installer for my desktop app using InnoSetup. I need tsNet, and it’s checked in the Standalone settings in LC 9. When I do the install, somehow the actual tsNet DLL finds itself in a folder called ‘Externals’ within the app’s folder, which itself is within the Windows Program directory. I didn’t deliberately create the Externals folder.

When I launch the app, it can’t find TSNet. If I move TSNet manually out of the Externals folder and into the app's main folder, all goes well.

Obviously I want the app to find TSNet. Where did I go wrong? Did I mess up the Standalone settings, or did I mess up the installer script? There is nothing specific in the LC User Guide.

I have a feeling this used to work. 

Can anyone explain?



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